As you begin thinking about what a new 2nd grade release time curriculum could look like, the backward design approach (begin with the exit outcomes, then plan backwards in terms of what activities will help you reach those outcomes) can help you re-envision in a very powerful way. For example, perhaps one of our core units might focus on critical thinking, and we might want to hit the volcanoes non-fiction writing in the 2nd grade ELA anthology. Great - so now we need a project that concludes with students having engaged critically with information on the topic of volcanoes. Work backwards -- what kinds of projects would get us there? Remember that there are five points to the star to consider for exit outcomes, and you may not hit every point of the star on every project.

Some 2nd Grade Pre-Ignite Lesson Plans We've Been Working On ...

Some Additional Ideas Folks Have Been Thinking About for Second Grade ...

Using Google Earth set up a Google Story using fables or folktales which is part of the H-M curriculum

Using the theme of the environment (nature,change,endangered animals) plan a moodle with photostory
Gone Wild: An Endangered Animal Alphabet SLMAM Nov.2007

I also think any of these projects would work with writing and drawing comics

If we get the Tomato Collection man in, to write poems and turn them into songs. He also works with puppets and wring a puppet play using the web site I used for 1st grade would be great.

Schools: Here and There/Now and Then as part of Social Studies SLMAM Sept. 2007

Wikis and Collaborative Inquiry SlMAM April 2009 Read this article

Creativity Litercy aricle SLMAM Feb.2008

Favorite Book Ceremony SLMAM Feb. 2008 we can extend this with inquiry into subject matter or author information

Seasons of Change SLMAM Jan. 2007 I love this idea
The students will investigate diferences that occur in each season related to weather, plants,animals and humans.
The students will select and sort imaages according to the corresponding season.
The student will cycles occuring in nature accuratley.

Another Seasons/Colors project SLMAM Nov. 2008

Have students demonstratate using a map, giving clear directions or a factual topic as in curriculum H-M

Learners as Historians SLMAM June 2007 read

Home and Window SLMAM Nov.2008