Media Science Rainbows
Time Frame:
Day 1 connect self/wonder read " skyfire by Frank Asch listing what they know questions and wonder questions
Day 2 find and evaluate information to answer questions.Read what is a rainbow and watch video"how rainbows are made" Students find answers to wonder questions and come up with a new wonder questions.
Day 3 Apply new understanding to questions. Use web sites "World Book Online" to look up Rainbows to answer wonder questions and locate any new information.
Students participate in development of questions during 3 days of rainbow research to answer the larger question " what make a rainbow.?"
Tasks/Instructional Strategies:
Procedure: See time frame

Closure:Student answer the question "what makes a rainbow/" using the inquiry process.
Know: What a rainbow is.
Understand: How rainbows are made
Do: Listen to the reading of text for targeted information
Develop I wonder questions
Access World Book Online for additional information
Model note taking skills
  • Mets TRT2, GLCEW.GN AND 2.04 Lang Arts GLCE R.ITO2 and 03 R.IT.O2.04

Assessment:Consider these areas:

Student Self-Assessment Each lesson student self assess using note taking and writing in their "think" book
Formative Assessment:
Summative Assessment:
Teacher Reflection About Overall Effectiveness/Impact of Instruction:

  • "Skyfire" by Frank Asch, What is a rainbow by Chris Arvetis, Utube videoHow to make a Robert Krampf. Wonders of Nature "Rainbows" by Dana Meachen Rau.
  • list 'em!
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