Board Updates

Please post write-ups of items you want included in the Winter Board Update to be issued in January

Check out Julie and Kristin on the ALA Learning blog, posted May 18! (Click the link under the screenshot for the full post.)

Celebration Video: (Please add to the list) Scrolling Roles of the Birmingham Public School Media Specialists

Leaders at the regional, state, and national level
Author and/or Author Connectror

Book talker
Resource Provider
Technology Teacher, Assistant, and or Trouble Shooter
Chief Information Officer
Collection Developer
Homework Helper
Classroom Teacher Supporter
Bibliography Generator
Website __?

Staff Develop Sessions Media Specialists have faciliatated or Co-Facilitated (list without names)
Please post any KALPA sessions you have taught this year below

19 - Inquiry and Primary Sources (Fontichiaro)
25 - Online News Delivered with Google Reader (Samet)
25 - Drop-in Technology Help (Samet & Fontichiaro)
26 - Building Your Personal Learning Network with Twitter (Samet)
26 - Drop-in Technology Help (Fontichiaro & Samet)

1 - Drop-in Technology Help (Fontichiaro & Samet)
2 - Drop-in Technology Help (Fontichiaro & Samet)
10 - Drop-in Technology Help (Fontichiaro & Samet)
15 - Online News Delivered with Google Reader (Samet)
17 - Giving Students Voice with Podcasting (Fontichiaro & Olmsted)
22 - Introduction to Wikispaces (Green)
23 - Build Strong Online Communications with Blogs (Fontichiaro & Samet)
29 - Introduction to Wikispaces (Green)
30 - Web 2.0 for Parents (Hauser; coordinated by Fontichiaro & Samet)

5- Telling Stories with PhotoStory (Cash)
6- Graphic Novels for Elementary (Samet)
7 - Editing Video with Microsoft MovieMaker (Fontichiaro)
12 - Using Moodle to Deepen Student Engagement, Part I (Petersen)
20 - Building Conversations with VoiceThread (Nichols)
26 - Using Moodle to Deepen Student Engagement, Part II (Petersen)
29 - Drop-in Technology Help (Fontichiaro)

3 - Drop-in Technology Help (Fontichiaro)
5 - UnitedStreaming (Birnie)
17 - TCI and Social Studies (Pugh & Fontichiaro)
19 - Blog and Wiki Practice (Green & Fontichiaro)

2- Socratic Seminar (Clark & Rowe)
3- Drop-in Technology Help (Fontichiaro)
8 - Half-Day PD VoiceThread (Sibley), databases (Sibley), Google Docs (Fontichiaro

12 - Google Forms (Taylor)
18 - Half-Day Inservice at Quarton: Moodle, Inquiry, Reader's Workshop (Olmsted & Fontichiaro)
18 - Half-Day Inservice at Pembroke: Presentation on Wikis, planning for Flip camera session, coordination of Promethean Board training (Green)
25 - Flip Camera & MovieMaker (Samet; was Fontichiaro)

4 - Blog, Wiki, and Podcasting Practice (Fontichiaro, Green, Olmsted)
23 - Glogster (Samet)

9 - Google Forms (Taylor)
16 - Diigo (Samet)
30 - Reader's Workshop (Alexander, Wyatt, Wind, Smith, Olmsted)

In-Service at Groves/R. Sibley (not on KALPA):
Voice Thread for World Language Department
Voice Thread Introduction for Staff
Voice Thread for Department Chairs
Podcasting for World Language
Animoto for Staff
Google Docs for Life Management (late March/early April)

Following items were used in the Fall Update
- Roberta is MAME's Media Specialist of the Year
- Phyllis' work with digital book talks: Podcasting/VoiceThread work happening at Groves (Roberta & Amanda)
- Julie's Wondering About Wolves project:
From: Roberta Sibley, regarding Voice Thread---Voice Thread has been used with Mrs. Cooper’s Japanese students. Students view her VT and respond for a homework assignment. Holly Petrino has used VT with her English Composition class as part of their assignment. Students doing research papers on selected topics create a VT as one of their pieces of research. The Japanese final exam included a student made Voice Thread.

Items not used to date ( Short paragraph descriptions needed)
- ADDED 12/17/09: Congratulations to Julie Green, Kristin Fontichiaro, and Raya Samet, who each have articles in the January issue of School Library Monthly magazine. Julie, Pembroke's media specialist, and Kristin, Beverly Media Specialist and Staff Development Facilitator co-authored an article and accompanying lesson plan for THE TINY SEED, which combines research, inquiry, and wiki pathfinders as part of our re-envisioned 2nd grade media/Pre-Ignite work. The article and lesson plan complemented Kristin's monthly "Nudging Toward Inquiry" column. Raya, who will be guest teacher in the BCS Media Center while Ann Truesdell is on maternity leave, has an article on graphic novels for elementary students. Being published in this issue of School Library Monthly is particularly special. The editors of all of the school library magazines decided to devote their January 2010 issue to envisioning the future of school libraries. It speaks well of BPS that we are so well represented!
-ADDED 3/8/10
--Phyllis, Kristin, Julie are each writing another book for the Super Smart Strategies series. The series will be featured in a free Webinar presented by Booklist magazine on Tuesday, March 16, at 2pm.
--Julie collaborated with a classroom teacher to create and lead differentiated PD sessions (depending on familiarity with wikis) at our last PD day on using wikis in classrooms for all staff.
--Laurie's implementing text-to-self connections lessons with first graders after reading Reading with Meaning and Teaching with Intention by Debbie Miller
--Laurie's mini research project on Antarctica with kindergarten students introducing students to atlases, non-fiction, and K-W-L
--Laurie's mini research project on tornadoes with second grade students (based on The Tiny Seed model) that included use of K-W-L, students gathering information from videos, websites, online books, and online magazines and encyclopedias, writing a script and delivering information via a flip camera video
- Phyllis/Kristin/Teresa presenting at MAME "Accidental Literacy: Centers in Elementary Libraries"
- Kristin presenting roundtable Q&A on AASL Standards for the 21st-Century Learner
- Kristin co-presenting with Kathleen McBroom at MAME General Membership meeting
- Kristin presenting "Nudging Toward Inquiry" session at MAME
- Hilery planning an inquiry project with bats
- Hilery used the primary sources questions (What do you see? think? wonder?) with a series of clip art images to get kids thinking about the genre of mystery
- Susan's lesson on rainbows
- Teresa & Laurie each working to implement Tiny Seed inquiry lesson
- Nancy working on how to digitally schedule volunteers
- Hilery, Julie, Teresa, Laurie, and Annette have presented staff development sessions after school
- Both of our student teachers (Raya and Amanda) have/will lead staff development sessions after school in October
- Kristin meeting weekly w/a 1st grade teacher to plan how to move science kits more toward inquiry
- Kristin and Raya talked with third graders about many ways to tell a story, using the Boxcar Children novels, graphic novels, and Twitter feed (API hosted on our wiki ). Using Etherpad , they modeled the role of the editor in the writing process. Then students and their teachers brainstormed great questions to ask the Boxcar editor. On 10/16, we Skyped with editor Wendy McClure! See blog post here .

- Julie's use of Flip cameras to help students identify and discuss library behaviors

- Raya had a lesson plan published in the November issue of School Library Monthly; Amanda's lesson plan on VoiceThread will be in the February issue!

3/19/2010-Derby-Sue Taylor
Derby-I have taught google docs and forms to the building. In January and March I taught google forms at Derby for the district.
For staff development in November, I coordinated Derby goes Digital for our staff. There were 9 sessions in total for staff to attend, using our own resident expert teachers as facilitators. Staff learned about audacity, moodle, wordle, promethean boards media cast, gale virtual resources, flip cameras, google docs, skype and using the new activotes with the promethean boards.
The google forms class, I put online so staff could work at their own pace. I was a available to answer questions and trouble shoot. The evaluation was online also and feedback was very positive. It is available on my wiki for anyone to use on their own or refer back to.

3/23/10 Greenfield Teresa Sensenig
Oct. All day inservice with staff: shared equipment new to the building, wikis, flip cameras, photostory, several staff members shared technology they have been using that they thought others might find helpful
Oct - Podcasting with kristin (Kalpa)
March 24th -afternoon inservice with 4th gd staff and Reading Specialist on Wikis, Kristin, Denise Roberts (3rd gd. ignite teacher) and Teresa
March 31st Promethean Board rep. will present to the staff, all day inservice
Throughout the months of April and May Teresa will host various inservices during the school day for grade level staff on various technologies: Wikis, photostory, online databases,etc. We will focus on revamping some of our existing projects to incorporate newer technologies as well as taking a closer look at the new social studies program so that teachers can incorporate some of the online tools that came with the new program and look at research ideas for next year.
The technology committee will also reconveine to look at what might be the next step toward moving the building forward with technologies to enhance student engagement and learning. We will also take a look at what new equipment we might want to acquire in the future.