BLC Conference Postings

‍Barbara Clark, Department Head

K-12 Library Media Services

‍Happily Ever After, Digital Storytelling with Scratch by Mitch Resnick

Scratch is a fairly easy programming software that allows students 8+ to create their own interactive stories and share their creations online with others. Along the way students will enhance their creative thinking abilities, reason systematically and work collaboratively. They also learn important computational ideas. This was a hands-on session and I had no prior experience with scratch but came away with a decent beginning understanding of the program. What I learned even more was how I might introduce it to teachers and students via the model that was used with our class. Strategies included:
think-pair share and exploration,
direct instruction,
group switch, a creativity exercise, higher order thinking questions, allowance of time to develop a scratch video, and reflection.
Websites for further exploration (Scratch resources and tutorial videos

‍Podcasting from Planning to Publication by Jim Wenzloff

Jim took the class step by step from recording to posting to an iTunes account. Check out the wiki link get all of the basics. New techtip I learned: if you don't have a mike, yu can substitute earbuds. Plug into the record slot on your computer and and speak into the ear piece.

Twitter – Establishing Your Personal Learning Network

Speakers Lisa Thumann Liz Davis

Twitter can be harnessed to be much more than a social what's up tool. This session and others shared how it can be a powerful professional development and teaching tool. It is the number one micro blogging service and is free. Serious twitters tweet their colleagues rather than search Google. You must become skilled in getting to the point within 140 characters. You will want to follow Liz and Lisa. @lizbdavis and @lthumann; other tweeters to follow- angelamaiers, and l@angwitches,

You can search Twitter and not belong. Presenters shared spreadsheet for Educators and how to add yourself, advice for teachers new to Twitter, and 100 Tips Apps and Resources for Teachers on Twitter. Presenter used balanced diet analogy to have twitter make sense for us. I have also added the link for the twitter manual. There are a number of manuals on line. Tech services will be purchasing Twitter books for the district library. _ This site includes books about twitter and tweeting.

Orchestrating A Collaborative Classroom by
Sylvia Roenthal Talisano ( Learning Consultant, former instructional technologist, and middle school Spanish teacher)