Please Post Concerns/Issues/Questions Regarding Compass Learning

I received a weekly report today with the students' progress. It listed the titles of each book and the scores. The problem is that for any test that is a retake, it says "Objective Based Test" instead of the name of the book.--Julie
Bekki helped me with this. I was looking at the summary, not the retake and so this issue has been taken care of.

Laurie-I know Compass Learning has audio capability. I asked Bekki if that was an option for our tests. She said it was not. Is this something we could possibly have as an option in the future for our LRC students who regularly have tests read to them as part of their IEP?

Phyllis - I have had 2 students now tell me the quiz (Emerald Atlas for one student, Little White Duck for another) gave them only the answers to choose from and no question.
One of these students had difficulty with the retake not letting her in (teacher by her side - so not user error).
Server went down one day kicking kids out and me not able to get in.

Barbara--BCS is having lots of issues with students who say they have not taken a test. However, when they go to take the quiz, it says multiple sessions are not allowed. The computer registers any click as an attempt. In several instances, when the test is reset, it is still not available the next day. I have been standing there, so everything was done properly. This is very problematic.

Laurie- I have run into the same issue as Barbara, but without the test not being available. Kids click on the test and then realize they don't have the time to take it even if they haven't started a question. It doesn't show up on my end that it is no longer available to them.

Phyllis -I had a child go to take Emerald Atlas and there was no start button. When he went to try again it wouldn't let him retake...

Socha - In my assisting with the retake for students at BCS, I am finding that the children are trying to click on the test they took the first time. Once I have reset the test, students you look for the test in the following format: "R1 Little White Duck." This is confirmation of the reset meaning Retake 1 (first retake) and the title of the test. I've noticed no other issues after this one.