Destiny - Issues, Comments, Helpful Hints

What new in Destiny 10.5

What's new in Destiny 11.0 Webinar ( Oakland is scheluded to update to 11.0 in the summer of 2013)

New Destiny Dashboard with library data graphic
Hold changes- multiple holds, no holds on lost materials, patron name searching in Destiny App
How to determine the correct URL so your media webpage link goes directly to your school's Destiny page:

Destiny Webinars

Destiny Customer Portal
Go here and access profesional learning to get to e-modules about Destiny operations. All media Specialists should set up an account to access elearnings and info about follet shelf info. At the bottom of the custmer portal page you will see the Follet shelf info button.

From Sue Lay--Wonderful listserv of peer librarians and systems folks who
answer all kinds of questions, from very basic to the toughies. Very nice
folks and only about 10 emails or less a day. See this site to sign up and start talking.

We can restrict digital content of students from outside use.
EBooks- iPad, laptops, android tablets....coming soon iPod touch and smart phones
Green infinity icon denotes unlimited access for multiple users.
Follett has 150,000 eBooks, about 25, 000 unlimited access eBooks
50,000 eBook titles have a read-aloud function (computer voice)
Cover Art-- If you own Title Peek you can add cover art to titles.
Can set bookmark, key word search, highlight, and add notes, and digital resource links
Catalist audio is the digital audio book platform, can buy instead of playaway

888.511.5114 ext 1102

FollettShelf User guide
FollettShelf promotional items- posters, banners,getting started guides, tent cards

FollettShelf web site for info on features of FolletShelf and Follett Digital Reader
Once Follett eBooks are integrated into Destiny, students will click on eBooks and be taken automatically to your schools' Follett Shelf.
How to login to Follett Shelf- Enter your Follett Shelf URL, user name, and password.
If you are integrated you manage patrons in Destiny.

General Follett EBook Prices: $3-$30
Multiple user unlimited -$15-$70 (look for green infinity icon)
Ballpark price for unlimited is $30-$40

RDA- Resource Description and Access replaces AACR2 (Anglo American Cataloging Rules)
RDA handout RDA and Destiny-

(RDA went live (Library of Congress) march 31, 2013. A lot of the OCLC records come from LOC. RDA is meant to be a more international standard. Why RDA? In 2004 work began on updating AACR2, in 2005 the update transitioned to RDA. Toolkit was released in 2010 (it is online-
Key changes-rule of 3 (number of authors) -RDA lists all of the names or the first name and three others) 260 field (publication) no longer exits. It is replaced with 264 (0-4) production, publication, distribution, Manufacture, and copyright notice date.
336, 337, and 338 tags are added to the record (description of media type and carrier type (i.e. –streaming music, etc.)
A Thesaurus of terms
Abbreviations are spelled out
RDA expresses the relationship the author has to the work
Lot of new 300 fields and authority fields

Barbara Walker (Destiny Consultant )

Check out the Help and How-to-links from Barbara Walker,RESA Library Consultant, Wayne RESA
Destiny 11.0- What'snew?
Changes to holds
Series info
EBooks icon
Newer version allows you to exclude teacher checkouts from the top ten. You can associate titles for hold purposes only so students can hold the book copy, or DVD copy.
Ways to promote Destiny in the Classroom:
Books, websites, instructional elements, digital resources, eBooks, Title peek--click on the book title, then the title Peek

Don't delete the teacher login from destiny if the teacher has resource lists because list are tied to their record
Student reviews- (Explore link on detailed record of the book)
Students can give a star review without logging on, but a typed review requires a student login to write and get approved. When audio file is uploaded, it is stored on the Oakland server. Can add a URL pointing to a review.

Can download posters from the Follett
You can add subject headings for book trailers.
Can add the shelfari to your home page (see how-to)
Social Media (face book and twitter)

Destiny Questions
Bar code does not scan-
Test the bar code scanner- scan the barcode into notepad to be sure the bar code was read.
Check program information sheet and follow directions.

Bandwidth needs to be working properly
On almost every page there is a green Follett software bar... look for the version of your software and license info
How to Waive fines.... see help or how to from Barbara Walker
Lost books-changing lost status. Go to circulation. Copy status-put in the bar code # and change the status.
You can build a report of the lost books to. Report builder. Limit by status = lost.
Or go to report. Select library Reports; Title and copy list. Select show titles with lost copies.

FollettShelf web site for info on features of FolletShelf and Follett Digital Reader
Once Follett eBooks are integrated into Destiny, students will click on eBooks and be taken automatically to your schools' Follett Shelf.
How to login to Follett Shelf- Enter your Follett Shelf URL, user name, and password.
If you are integrated you manage patrons in Destiny.

General Follett Prices: of eBooks
Multiple user unlimited -$15-$70 (look for green infinity icon)
Ballpark price for unlimited is $30-$40

October 21, 2013- Training with Barbara Walker

Deleting fines from another school
Can do it at the beginning of the year...Go to Back Office/Update Parons/excuse fines.
Check out htlml scripts for your homepage

11.5 -
finding more books like the one you have. -recommended titles if you liked the one you have.
finding eBooks-open button for finding eBooks
digital content-Web path express
Follett Community-professional learning community integrated into our product. 60,000 customers in 148 countries.
Special button within Destiny to access the community. Part of your daily use of destiny

Join Follett talk list serv to get new info

Dashboard- configure How do I directions. Only seen by administrators.

Two copies of a book and relate them to each other, so if a hold gets placed on the first one, it will apply to the other one.
Catalog- Update Titles /Relate titles. then add group name.
Display will come up - Find titles for "Huckleberry Finn"
Click add and save and those titles will go into the group for Huckleberry Finn for holds

Homeroom added to circulation receipts
Back Office/Site configuration/Receipts refund notification
Homeroom button is now added.

Free eBooks sources
100 Page Press- Company offering free eBooks
Gutenberg Free eBooks

Follett eBooks

Follett Shelf - slide book to checkout.

new Titlewave app for the iPhone

Follett titlewave has a preview of eBooks. Click and it goes to follett Shelf

How to place a hold on a book
  1. circulation. hold iLL button. Find patron add hold. find title and add record

One Search-must login as administrator
Catalog/search setup/enriched content

Follett Portal
Must login with your email and password. Go to professional learning.

Select Destiny Library Manager
You will find video clips for various Destiny modules
You can use some of them with students

Globally updating records

Precaution about updating patron records..... don't change, as the records are updating nightly at the county level.
Can change title records-- Catalog/ update titles ..Know that when you change the record globally, you change everyone's records.

Destiny Training Session 4/4/2014

We need to be vigilante regarding FERPA and the Library Privacy Act to be sure students only have access to their own records. The state library privacy law doesnot allow access for history of which books are checked out by our patrons.Our current access levels are within the law.
Destiny 12.0 will be released the first part of May. On May 8 there will be a Follett Webinar to explain the new releases. The Universal interface is coming allowing greater use of eBooks and tagging. Sign-up on the Follett Website.
Create an account to Follett Community- new purple icon in upper right hand corner of your screen. This is the librarian's Facebook page.

What's new in 11.5
Ebook access Follett is making eBooks more transparent for students. Follett shelf is reserved for Follett ebooks. OverDrive and others will have a page and then it will take you to the book you want. The green E icon means user will go to the Follett shelf. The blue E icons are other vendors. Notes by Follett ebooks will tell you whether it is in or out, but the other icons will just tell you how many you own. The open button will take you to the portal to login and then open the book. The Universal Search for digital items coming out with 12.0 will make eBooks more transparent. Patrons will not care where the book comes from. Some eBooks have USA ( Unlimited Simultaneous Access) which is sold to one entity.

Library Media Leaders Group for Wayne/Oakland Counties-- Hillside Middle School- May 14th.
Resources lists-Can share owners by editing the resource list and adding the patron.You can also transfer a resource list if someone is leaving and you want their list to be available to others.

Book covers show up if you have title peak. Turn it on via back office/site configuration/circulation.
Title wave access under access levels- Library Catalog Management/Access to Title wave.

Get Marc records for eBooks through the Michigan library consortium -

New student--don;t add record is they are not there. Wait on the record. Loan material manually until record is added.

1. Back office/circulation/ allow library materials to circulate to all patrons across the district -this is at a district level

Overview Notices

Notices sent to other schools ( ILL )
under current checkouts and fines

Printing Bar Codes
When you print labels you are involving the printer, browser, adobe acrobat,
Sit down and play with it. Reports/labels/ Print Copy Barcodes
Per Follett support suggestions
1. Only make one adjustment at a time.
2. Pick the label you are using.-Choose avery
3. At the bottom of the report page. See Change offset number. Each change make a change of 1/10 of a millimeter.
4. Job Manager should be opened in adobe acrobat ( use adobe reader)
5. Use adobe reader settings- Follet help line can if they know your version of adobe ( under about)
6. Never select choose paper source by PDF size or auto rotate.
7. Look for a printable size.

Connectivity Test- Follett link at bottom of home page

Loading Patron photos-
Use disk from Life Touch. It has student number attached to the photo. Use menu option in Destiny-Back Office- Upload Patron pictures. Photos take up a lot of room.

Promote Follett Ebooks
follett Under librarians tab, see promotion fro downloadable items.

RDA-Resource Description
336- Content Type
337- Media
338 Carrier Type

Susan's Notes
Destiny Meeting 4-1-14

FERPA violation – student in district had an access level that allowed him to see phone numbers and addresses for all students in school; could result in a federal offense if information is used to perpetrate a crime
To prevent FERPA issues: Back office – Access Level – Patron (edit)
Library Materials Tab – ONLY check things under Library Catalog Search Access
Patrons Tab – ONLY check things under Self-Empowered Patron Access
Cannot access library check out history – against state law (Michigan Library Privacy Act PA 455)
General Tab – CANNOT check Access Library Checkout History
If you want kids to be able to track their own library history, they can set it up in MyQuest
Can always create new access levels for staff, but students should always be patrons
Any questions? Call Follett Support!
If you’re not satisfied with support or your issue isn’t resolved, get the ticket #
FERPA protects the education record – personal identification information (address, etc.), test scores, grades
Don’t use administrator access log in for daily use – use library administrator access level for daily work
Follett News – 3 divisions of Follett are combining, as of 4-1-14
Will need to provide another tax exempt form to Follett
All purchase orders will now be made out to one name/address
Will only have one Follett rep and one technology rep; Shelly Jilek is our technology rep
Only one website for everything –
Follett Community button on Destiny page – kind of like Facebook for Follett
12.0 – released in May – Big Release! – Universal Interface – integration with eBooks, tagging
May 8 – What’s New in 12.0 Webinar
Destiny 11.5 New Features
More transparent eBook access
Green E = Follett, will show In or Out or Unlimited Copies
Blue E = Other publishers, will show x of x available
Both – have “Open” button that should take you directly to eBook or correct login page
Wayne Oakland –Library Leaders Mtg on eBooks at Hillside MS in Northville (Judy sent invites)
Resource Lists
Linked to a particular teacher/log in, so lists are deleted if teacher is deleted
If you share a list, a “More” button will be available next to the owner’s name to show all of the teachers that share with you
Public lists can be transferred to a new owner (man with green arrow icon appears in list view if it can be transferred)
Can’t transfer if you are already sharing ownership with someone
In edit mode, new area available to “Add Co-Owner” – can add anyone in entire district
Show book covers in circulation: Back Office – Site Configuration – Circulation – Library Options
Titlewave Integration – on title details screen, you can see similar titles in Titlewave
Back Office – Access Levels – Administrator – Library Catalog Management – Access to Titlewave (already defaulted to that)
Can set it so that the librarian has to approve all comments and recommendations in MyQuest; use caution because there could easily be hundreds of recommendations to approve
Need to give students access to comment and library administrator access to approve
Back Office – Access Levels – Patron – Self-Empowered Patron Access – Recommend titles to other uses and/or Approval Not Required and/or Allow comments on recommendations
Back Office – Access Levels – Library Administrator – Administrative Access – Process Unapproved Recommendations
Always check a test patron after changing anything in access levels
Don’t use Google Chrome with Destiny
Problems with books not checking in/out – make sure the cursor is in the Find box; watch the screen to make sure the book is being checked in/out (watch the barcodes on the screen); check your sounds
Run a Connectivity Test: Click on “Follett Software Company” on the green bar at the bottom of each screen – Server Connectivity Test – Start Test
Load Patron Photos: Back Office – Upload Patron Pictures
Merging Duplicate Records – see handout directions
Find duplicate ISBNs: Catalog – Update Titles – Standard #s – ISBN -- Help and How To section for handouts
Catalog – Library Search – Brief Records tab: tells you what has nothing below the 300 field

Sue's Notes

Destiny Training 4.1.14

Call for overdues piloted-they use Edulink for calls

Security of Student Data and FERPA violations

  • Giving student privileges
  • Students=patron access
  • Patron-library materials tab-only library catalog search access items should be checked
  • Patron-patron-only self empowered patron access

News from Follett

  • 3 division working with education ps-12=Follett One
  • Content Reps=Ken-
  • Software-Shelley Jilek
  • One single
  • Technology=Destiny
  • Follett Community=ability to communicate with other librarians, similar to Facebook
  • 12.0 released beginning of MAY
  • May 8-what’s new webinar on 12.0 release-sign up
  • Option-another interface, called Universal, allows greater integration with ebooks, allows tagging,
  • Universal search?
  • Universal access is for a specific location

New in 11.5

  1. E books-green icon-follett shelf-open button right from the catalog

Blue e’s=other vendors

  1. Leaders group-Wayne/Oakland-meeting on dealing with ebooks 8 mi and Center-Hillside Middle

  1. School=park in the back
  2. Resource Lists

Connected to a teacher or librarian’s log in

Transfer the owner-person with arrow icon

To share a list-edit-at the bottom-add owners-add last name and search-find name-add

  1. Title peek active
    1. Back office-site config-circulation-libr. Options
  2. Titlewave integration
    1. View similar titles in titlewave, ie. Book recommendations
    2. Back office-access level-library catalog management

Making recommendations from student to student

You can make it so they have to be approved.

Issue-too many approvals

Access levels-patron-self empowered student access-recommend titles to others

Add a test student, so you can see what students see


Loaning books across district:

Set up in back office-site config-circ tab-first option under library options

Done at the building level

Books checked in/checked out

Call support

Know which browser you are using, an old version

ie v. 11 cursors jumps out of the box

Firefox-get the updates and plug ins(helps software run)

Check sounds

All is well

TEST Connectivity:

Home page-bottom-follett software company-test connectivity-start

Contact us: suggestions-enhancement requests

Help link: Ask Ms. Marc

Ereader-follett enlight

RDA(resource description and access)

cataloging adds 3 new fields of content-turned on by district LM

District-back office-configuration-preferred descriptive cataloging form

Turn it on in your building

336-337-338 field in marc


Duplicate marc records

Catalog-update title(combine with diff. ISBN #s)

Go to the resource list called(not public) DUPLICATE

Then you can go through the list and combine duplicates. Is on Barb’sDestiny page and how to-merge marc records

Globally combine dup

Catalog-update titles-standard number-choose ISBN then run

Look at the brief records tab

Catalog-library search-brief records tab