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Library Media Specialists are charged for R & D over the 2011-2012 School Year to see how the iPad2 can be used to maximize teaching and learning. Please use the iPad both within and outside our district network. We are particularly concerned however about how the iPad2 works within our distrct network and what kind of network support it would require for teaching and learning. Remember R & D requires open mindedness and flexibility. So be sure to list the issues, solutions, and tips on the Troubleshooting/Tip page. We are primarily focusing on conducting action research with this tool within the context of instruction during and outside the school day.

Our focus questions for exploration are below:
1. What can we do with the ipad2 that we can't do with our current laptops and desktops?
2. What apps best align with the Birmingham Curriculum? How do targeted apps address 21st Century Learning skills ( i.e.-collaboration, communication, creativity, etc.)
3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using the ipad2 for teaching and learning?
4. Is the iPad more a teacher tool or student tool?
5. Where/what are the best lessons for teaching using this tool?
6. How can we best interface the iPad2 with our district network?
7. What best practices can we develop using the iPad2 as an instructional tool? What best practices already exist?
8. As we explore various program apps, what issues arise with accessing data?

Media Specialist Grade Level iPad2 R& D Focus

Kdg -2nd–Annette (Greenfield), DaNita (Pierce), Julie (Pembroke), Elisabeth (Harlan) , and Hilery ( Bingham) (Annette, team contact to B. Clark)
Third-Fifth- Ann, (BCS) Phyllis ( WM) , and Laurie (Quarton), Susan (Beverly) (Ann, team contact to B. Clark)
Middle-Sue (Derby) & Teresa(Berkshire)(Sue, Team contact to B. Clark)
High-Nancy(Seaholm) & Pam (Groves) (Nancy, Team contactto B. Clark)
Barbara Clark (Department Head, Tech Services)-All levels and liaison to Tech services
Some 1.

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