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Promethean Board Inservice Handout.pdf
Promethean Board Inservice Handout.pdf
Promethean Board Inservice Handout.pdf

Interactive White Board Training Notes
Jog the Web
(Jog the web is a work in progrees-websites titles, URLs and brief descriptions, started by Sue Taylor and designed for additions by Media Specialists.)
WebTools4u2use ( created for school library media specialists by Dr. Donna Baumbach

Managing and Organizing

Doodle Scheduling/Choices (quick and easy)

(MAME 2010 Roundtable Handout from Uof M student Julie Mattock Rick)
21st Century Tools -
These tools were reviewed in a MAME 2010 presentation.


How to make a Google Form
Google Form Video
Embedding Practice
All About Wikis
external image MediaCenterWordle7ways.JPG

These look pretty good, and vary based on the level of difficulty. They include things like:
  • Picking the right search terms
  • Understanding search results
  • Searching for evidence for research tasks
  • Evaluating credibility of sources


Today's Meet (


Text Messaging and Online Chat Abbreviations
Text Messaging Symbols
Twitter How tos
Edublog Video Tutorials
What You Want to Know About Blogging
How to Create A Blog
Comparing Wikis Moodles Blogs
Embedding Practice
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external image pdf.png
Voice Thread Exploration
YouTube Tips

Video Creation Tools

1. Animoto - simple, nice way to get started with making videos, make sure
to get free teacher's account to go beyond 30 second limit.
2. One True Media - simple, like Animoto, but more flexible, can create easy,
longer videos.
3. Jaycut - like Moviemaker, but can access anywhere and much easier to use.



Online Book Clubs

Caitlin Tucker - blog post on Online Book Clubs,
Her video on SchoolTube - Safe, Structure, and Free Online Book Clubs
She recommends using Collaborize Classroom

Joyce Valenza article on book clubs, virtual and otherwise. One of her suggestions - using
LibraryThing, Shelfari or Goodreads, create a group and share titles, have discussion. And even more Joyce Valenza :)

Schools that have Virtual/Online Book clubs:
Oakridge (think this is MS/HS) - uses Collaborize Classroom - this site has examples of
brochures they hand kids with guidelines for virtual discussions, etc.
Pentucket Regional High School - uses TodaysMeet
St. Francis High School - uses Google Groups

Some articles on online book clubs: